How to add a spouse to your Carry Solo 401k

You can add a spouse to your Carry Solo 401k plan by first signing up to a Carry Solo 401k plan yourself. Your spouse would need to sign up for their own Carry Solo 401k plan and towards the end of the sign up flow, there will be an option to join a spouse’s existing plan.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Sign up with Carry and open a Carry Solo 401k Plan

First, set up your own Solo 401k Plan with Carry. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up here. The Solo 401k is available in both our Basic and Pro plans.

Once you open your Carry account, open a Solo 401k plan.

Step 2: Have your spouse open their own Carry account

After your plan has been established, your spouse will then need to sign up for their own Carry account. Once open, they can go through the Solo 401k Plan application process.

Towards the end of the sign up process, they’ll see an option to be added to an existing spouse’s plan.

On the next screen, enter the email under your existing Carry account, the one that your spouse will join. The email must be the email address that you use to sign into your Carry account.

And you’re all set! Your spouse will be added to your existing Solo 401k plan.

You each get your own separate bank and brokerage accounts, organized by contribution type, and your investments and contributions are kept separate from each other, even though they’re housed under the one plan. In this sense, they’re treated as two separate plans.

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