How do I rollover funds from another IRA provider into a Carry IRA?

Rolling over funds from another IRA into a Carry IRA is considered a custodian to custodian transfer, and is a quick and straightforward process.

Step 1: Create a Carry account

First, create a Carry account if you haven’t already. Regular IRAs are available in all Carry plans, but self-directed IRAs (for alternative investments) are only available on the Carry Pro Plan.

For example: Since regular IRAs only allow you to invest in traditional assets, you can transfer funds from a regular IRA to a self-directed IRA and use the same funds to invest in alternative assets like crypto, real estate, and private companies.

Step 2: Open Carry IRAs

On the Pro plan, Carry offers four different IRAs:

1 – Traditional IRA

2 – Self-directed traditional IRA

3 – Roth IRA

4 – Self-directed Roth IRA

You can open each one in under 10 minutes, entirely online.

Step 3: Choose the IRA you want to transfer funds into

Step 4: Click Transfer or Withdraw

Then choose Transfer to Carry

Step 5: Enter your transfer details

Enter how much you want to transfer over from your IRA outside of Carry. There are no limits on the amount you can rollover.

Then, choose the External Account Type. In this example, we’re moving over $100K from our traditional IRA outside of Carry to our Carry Traditional IRA.

Step 6: Submit your transfer

Once you’ve entered in the details of your transfer, click Continue.

On the next page, choose the transfer type.

For transfers, choose Rollover as the transfer method. Note: you must liquidate your assets in your external IRA in order to transfer over cash to your Carry IRA.

On the next page, choose whether you want to transfer the funds by wiring the funds or mailing a check.

If you choose Wire, you’ll be provided wire details that you need to give your external IRA provider.

If you choose Check, you’ll be provided details you’ll need to give your external IRA provider to mail the check.