How do I invest in ETFs with Carry?

Once you’ve funded your account through a contribution or rollover, you can start investing in ETFs directly through our integrated investment platform.

Step 1

To invest in ETFs, head over to the Investing section of the app and select ETFs.

Step 2

Based on your risk profile and investor questionnaire that you went through during your account setup, we’ve compiled a list of options that could be a good fit for you. These are listed under the Recommended ETFs. You can also choose to search for ETFs that you want to invest in, if you don’t see it in the lists we provided.

Step 3

Once you’ve selected the ETF that you want to invest in, input the dollar amount that you want to invest, and click Review Order.

Step 4

Review your order. You will be able to see how many shares you will receive with your investment. Click Submit Order to make the investment.