Can I open a Carry Solo 401k or IRA if I’m not a US citizen and live outside of the US?

Unfortunately not right now; you need a US address in order to open an IRA and 401k brokerage accounts in the Carry application. We can set up a solo 401k plan without a US address, but you'd need to find a bank or brokerage account elsewhere that accepts non-US addresses.

As you are probably aware, typically non-US citizens who are living outside the US are not subject to US taxation, so we've found the benefits of these products to be limited, though there are still situations where they apply.

I'm not a US citizen but I have a work visa in the US, working as a 1099 employee. Can I still sign up to Carry?

Yes, you are considered a US resident for tax purposes so you would be able able to open a Carry account and use our retirement plans.